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Technology at Magellan

The Vision
To support the Magellan Mission by ensuring our students and educators are highly contributing members of an evolving technological and global society.

The Mission

  •   To engage students as producers rather than consumers of knowledge.
  •   To better facilitate collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving, thus giving students a competitive edge in an increasingly technological society.
  •  To empower students with a selection of educational and productivity tools to support anytime, anywhere learning.


  •  To support teachers in their implementation of best practices, enabling them to promote students as pilots of their learning, not just passengers along for the ride.
  •  To increase learning outcomes by enabling teachers to differentiate instruction through increased access to pre and formative assessment tools
  • To empower teachers with a selection of educational and productivity tools to support anytime, anywhere learning.


  •  To encourage participation in a global community

Magellan students and faculty are busy developing proficiency in computer literacy. The North Carolina Information and Technology Essentials form the foundation for integrating multiple technologies to support and enhance learning through Magellan’s interactive, hands-on, inquiry-based, problem solving experiences. In addition, access to various technology resources provides opportunities to address multiple learning styles while users adopt helpful tools and strategies for organization, productivity, critical and creative thinking.

Magellan students grow in their understanding of technology literacy through participation in lessons about Internet safety and other topics necessary to build positive digital citizenship.

Magellan teachers have many options to update their own technical skills during workshops offered after school and on work days.

The Navigator Program, our 1:1 initiative, provides each student with either a Windows 10 or Chromebook laptop and access to Microsoft Office applications and/or Google Apps for Education as well as other software and web-based applications. Elementary computers are stored in their classrooms, while middle school students receive laptops for 24/7 use.

Classrooms are outfitted with a variety of technologies including data projectors, interactive white boards, document cameras, digital cameras, and printers. Additional technology tools are available to enhance instruction, such as digital science probes, green screen facilities, iPad tablets, a 3D printer, robots, and virtual reality equipment.

A variety of software is offered including web-based programs such as Typing Club, Study Island, First in Math, BrainPop, IXL Math, Discovery Education, and Reflex Math. Links to often used programs can be found on our Student Apps  link, found on the homepage. Most applications require student usernames and passwords.

Magellan Technology User Policies and Permissions:

Click on form to download.

The Magellan Charter School WiFi Access Instructions

WiFi Access:

The Magellan Charter School offers WiFi access to our  volunteer parents, and others conducting school business or involved in school activities. It is our responsibility to protect our users and network, therefore The Magellan Charter School requires that any device connecting to our WiFi routers use secure browsing protocol.

Users and Visitors  must:
Install and accept two SSL Certificates, used to authenticate with MCNC’s  Zscaler filter. No data is collected from your device and no software is installed, however browsing history is recorded.

In addition to the installation of the certificates guests may be asked for credentials when opening a web browser.

Login username and password will be as follows:
Userid ====>visitor@magellancharter.org
Password ==>M@gellan

ZScaler Certificates

  • Click to download ZScaler Certificates for Windows
  • Save to your device
  • Follow any prompts to install