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Magellan Partners for Education – MaP

Magellan teachers, administration and parents enjoy collaborating through Magellan Partners for Education, also called MaP, to help make the Magellan experience great for everyone!

MaP was created as a partnership between parents and staff to help promote excellence in programs, facilities and an atmosphere for education. You can look over the MaP bylaws here. Whether organizing the next middle school dance, coordinating  student and family participation in community service events, or organizing luncheons to show our teachers how much we appreciate them, MaP is focusing on serving the school’s  educational, social and financial activities.

Alumni Relations – Facilitates communications with Magellan alumni, including through Magellan Alumni Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Book Fair – Organizes volunteers and vendor for annual book fair.

Building Communities – Coordinates volunteers and activities advocating for the interests of the diverse Magellan community.

Calendar/Bulletin Boards – Assists guidance department with bulletin boards promoting topics to encourage positive character traits.

Carpool Coordinator – Recruits and assigns parent volunteers to help with carpool duty.

Community Service – Coordinates with community organizations like Note in the Pocket, Helene Foundation, Purple Stride and StepUp Ministries to engage Magellan students and families in activities throughout the year, including each grade’s community service project as well as holiday giving and non-profit volunteering.

Copy Room – Parent volunteers support teachers and staff by making copies during instructional time.

Cultural Arts – Schedules and promotes artistic enrichment activities throughout the year.

Dances – Coordinates dance themes, entertainment, refreshments and volunteers for middle school dances.

Dine Out Nights – Schedules family nights at area restaurants that donate a portion of the proceeds to Magellan.

Directory – Creates and prints school directory.

Fundraising – Spearheads the “It’s Up to Us” annual giving campaign, which supports our exceptional learning opportunities by supplementing classroom resources, enhancing technology resources, and funding teacher continuing development. All Magellan families are asked to participate in this important school-wide fundraiser held each fall, and volunteers are needed to help boost membership during the campaign.

Grant Writing – Writes grants.

Hospitality – Provides tangible appreciation to teachers and staff throughout the year by coordinating early release lunches, Teacher Appreciation Week, weekly morning treats, and other events.

Landscaping/Beautification – Manages supplies needed at the beginning of the year and in the spring for activities to make the school grounds attractive.

Lunches/Chick-fil-A and Salsa Fresh – Coordinates lunch orders and recruits volunteers to distribute food each Monday and Friday

Magellan Minute – Coordinates with teachers and staff to create an email update each week for Magellan families.

MaP Membership/Meet the Teacher – Facilitates MaP membership at Meet the Teacher event prior to school.

Nominating – Develops a slate of officers for the MaP executive board.

Paint – Coordinates volunteers and supplies need to paint school hallways and rooms after the end of the school year.

Passive Fundraising – Coordinates reimbursements to Magellan from organizations that have school funding programs, such as BoxTops, Harris Teeter, Shoparoo, Target, and others.

Pictures – Supports staff during student picture days.

Pizza Coordinator – Recruits volunteers to coordinate each grade’s Wednesday pizza sessions and works with Papa John’s to order food.

Salsa Fresh– Organizes food orders and recruits volunteers to distribute food each Friday.

School-Wide Picnic – Arranges the Back to School and End of Year Picnics for Magellan community.

Sportswear – Coordinates buying and selling of school apparel to promote unity and school spirit among Magellan families.

Yearbook – Designs publication as well as coordinates and manages distribution of yearbooks and collection of funds.

2019-2020 MaP Committee Contact Information


 8th Grade Community Meal –  Cheryl Bowman, Amy Darcy, Leslie Marsteiner.      

 Alumni Relations –  Radi Bombard, Kate Mills.

 Book Fair – Contact Leslie Blackwood, Pam Layh, Holly Lotterhos 

 Box Tops – Contact Christy KelleyDenise Lange

 Building Communities – Contact Janet Doughty  

Calendar/Bulletin Boards – Contact MaP President  

Carpool Coordinator – Contact Erin Foerster , Haley Stallworth 

Community Service – Contact Radi BombardKate Mills  

Copy Room Coordinator – Contact the Kelley Onesti  

Cultural Arts – Contact Betsy Gershaw 

Dances – Contact Radi BombardTina Ward or  Bailey Williams

Dine Out Nights – Contact Aleece Hiller

Directory – Contact Debbie Dempsey  

Grant Writing – Contact Janet Doughty  

Hospitality – Contact   Jessica MenasMegan Miller  or  Angela Mills

        iLab – Contact  Kellam Gaddy

Landscaping/Beautification – Contact the Mendall Ireland 

Lunches/Chick-fil-A – Contact Leslie Marsteiner, Holly  Lotterhos 

       Lunches/Salsa Fresh – Contact  Betty Matheson

       Magellan Minute – Contact the  Rebekah WilliamsKristen Witman

Membership/Meet The Teacher – Contact Anna Bedford ,  Astrid Harclerode or Meredith Rigot

Nominating – Contact  Brook Gunter  

Painting – Contact Carlton Lewis  

Passive Fundraising – Contact the MaP president  

        Pizza – Contact  Stephanie Fife

Pictures – Contact Cheryl BowmanSpencer Daniel  or Sandy Retzlaff

School-Wide Picnic – Contact Wendy Davis 

Sportswear – Contact Kelley Waldman  

Yearbook – Contact  Cheryl Pottschmidt

Helpful Forms

Need to grab a check request form, or want to take a look at the MaP bylaws? Here are a few forms you might need as you work with MaP:

2018 - 2019 - MaP Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

2019 – 2020 School Year

2018 - 2019 - MaP Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

2018 – 2019 School Year

2017 - 2018 - MaP Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

  • 2017 – 2018 School Year

All families are encouraged to join MaP, and attend meetings held each month to keep information flowing between parents and the school. MaP meetings are a great way to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, understand how MaP finances are being used to support Magellan programs, and hear from members of the board and the administration. Please join us to see what is happening at the school! Or check out the minutes from recent meetings here. 

Even if you can’t attend the monthly meetings, MaP compiles information each week to send to families. The Magellan Minute offers brief descriptions and links to more details about what is going on at school. You can find the latest Minute here.

Upcoming MaP events

Check back for upcoming events and see how you can get involved with MaP!    


Another way MaP supports the Magellan community is by paying for the OrgsOnline service used to pre-order Chick-fil-A and Salsa Fresh lunches. Served on Mondays, Chick-fil-A meals are a fundraiser for the Magellan Boosters and our sports teams. The Salsa Fresh meals on Fridays are offered at cost to our families.

Every few months, families can use OrgsOnline to order and pay for food to be delivered for their students. New families can set up an account using these instructions. Payments can be made using an electronic check (the preferred, fee-free option), a credit card or a debit card. Please be aware that the only way to pay for Chick-fil-A and Salsa Fresh meals is through OrgsOnline.