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Admissions Lottery 2019-2020

Important Dates

  • Prospective parent information sessions and tours:
    January 15, 24, 31  &  February 5, 14, see information below to schedule sessions and tours via SignUpGenius.
  • Applications will be available online:
    February 1, 2019 through March 2, 2019
  • Lottery drawing will be held in March:
    ( Exact date and time of lottery will  be posted when set.)


Prospective parent information session and tour

Thank you for your interest in The Magellan Charter School. We invite you to join us on a  campus tour available to all prospective parents/guardians.  Our administrator, Mary Griffin will conduct an informative overview of our school and answer any questions you may have.  Tours are held at the school in the downstairs multipurpose room and begin promptly at 9:00 am and will last approximately 90 minutes. We request all interested parents/guardians to join us on a tour of our facility and grounds. We encourage all to ask questions, meet some of the staff and speak to volunteer parents and committee members that make up our wonderful Magellan  community.

 Please select a date for your tour from the SignUp Genius link found below.


The Magellan Charter School Admissions Policy

Please read the following information concerning our policy and procedures.

Enrollment Cap

Each year, The Magellan Charter School will set a total enrollment number that will be no less than 400 and no greater than 408.

Lottery Process

  • The Magellan Charter School admits students without regard to race, sex, disability, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.
  • The lottery is open to the public and will be held in March or April,at the school.
  • The date and time of the lottery will be posted on the school website.
  • A survey is conducted in early January to determine families’ intent to return or enroll siblings for the upcoming year.
  • To participate in the lottery, applications must be completed online in the time period specified.
  • All applications for the coming school year are assigned a lottery identification number that is e-mailed to the applicant.
  • Slots are filled first by exempt candidates (siblings, staff children). Then the number of open slots is determined.
  • All numbers are drawn to establish acceptances and waiting lists for each grade level.
  • The lottery is conducted by a board member, administrator, and three staff members.
  • Lottery results are posted on the school’s website within 24 hours of the lottery.
  • Notification e-mails for those accepted and wait-listed are sent to the families after the lottery.
  • Acceptance of Offer of Enrollment – The due date of commitment will fall approximately one week after an April orientation. For students accepted after the commitment due date, parents will have one full week to make a determination to accept  an offer of enrollment unless the offer is made between August 1 and the 30th day of school. In this case, parents have 24 hours to make a decision to attend the Magellan Charter School.

Criteria to Attend The Magellan Charter School

  • Successful completion of the previous second grade
  • Resident of North Carolina
  • May not be currently suspended or expelled from another school or school system


Enrollment priority will be given in the following order and to the extent that space is available and does not exceed the grade level capacity.

Staff:  Enrollment priority shall be given to children of full-time employees.

OpportunityEnrollment priority shall be given to a former student who is enrolled within the last two academic years but left because of an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the parents.

Sibling and Legacy: Enrollment priority shall be given to siblings of currently enrolled students and 3rd grade siblings of students who have graduated from 8th grade and were enrolled for at least four years. Sibling lotteries will be conducted in grades 4-8 in order to establish a waitlist when numbers exceed grade level capacity.

Enrollment priority shall be given to all siblings in families of newly accepted 3rd grade students who are admitted at the time of the lottery. Priority will be given the following school year to siblings of newly accepted 3rd through 8th grade students admitted after the lottery (to the extent space is available).

Enrollment priority shall be given to 4th through 8th grade siblings of students who have graduated from 8th grade and were enrolled for at least four years (to the extent space is available).