Frequency Asked Questions from the Community


Q: What is the Lifetouch Community Image Upload site?

A: The Lifetouch Community Image Upload site allows members of the school's community to upload images for consideration in the school's yearbook.

Q: How do I register for the Community Image Upload site?

A: Go to and click "Get Started" in the New Users section. Provide your name, email address and a password. Once registered, you will receive an email with an activation link. Click the link to activate your account. Once activated you can   log in with your email address and the password you created.

Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: Go to the log in page at and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

Q: What kind of images should I upload in the Community Upload site?

A: Photos from school events that would be a good addition to the yearbook. The yearbook adviser should provide you information on what types of images the yearbook staff is looking for (i.e., sports, field trips, candid shots of individuals, etc.)

Q: Why doesn't my school's access code work?

A: There are a few reasons your access code may not work:

  • Your school's site may be full. Each school account has a limit to the number of images that can be uploaded. If this is the case, the yearbook adviser will need to review and organize the uploaded photos before additional images can be uploaded by the community.
  • The school's site may have been deactivated because the school does not need additional photos or because the deadline for submissions has passed.

Q: Can I upload images for multiple schools in my account?

A: Yes. If you need to upload images for more than one school, simply add the additional school's access code to the field titled "Access Code" and click Add. You may add as many schools to your account as needed.

Q: What are the upload specifications for my images?

A: The following specifications must be followed when uploading images:

  • The length of the file name should not exceed 25 characters.
  • Name your file using characters and/or numbers.
  • You can upload up to five files at a time.
  • Each file size should not exceed 10 MB.
  • Do not use *, &, ', or other special characters when naming files.
  • Files must be in a .jpeg format.

Q. How will I know when my images have been uploaded?

A. You will see the Upload Confirmation page.  You can then upload more files.

Q: How do I specify what is happening in the images I upload?

A: You will be able to indicate the following when uploading photos:

  • Keywords: Type single words separated by commas to indicate what is happening in the photo (e.g., field trip, science museum, Grace Turner)
  • Description: Type detailed sentences that will help the yearbook staff identify what is happening in the picture (e.g.,., Grace Turner looks for a seat as the Science Museum staff demonstrates how water evaporates).
  • Category: Choose from one of the pre-defined categories the yearbook staff set up. If the yearbook staff did not set up categories, the "Misc" category will be the default.

Q: How will I know if my images will be used in the yearbook?

A: The yearbook adviser will determine which images will be used in the yearbook. There is no indication on the Community Image Upload site that will tell you if your image will be used.

Q: Can I download the images that I previously uploaded to the site?

A: No. Only the yearbook staff can access images for use in the yearbook. You will see a small thumbnail of each image you uploaded, but it is not available for download.

Q: Who will have access to view my images?

A: The yearbook adviser and yearbook staff members will have access to view the images. If they decide to use your image in the yearbook, the image will be printed in the final yearbook.

Q. How many images may I upload?

A. You may upload up to 5 images at a time. Once those images are uploaded, you may upload additional images. Please upload only the best images you have for consideration into the yearbook.

Q. What is the deadline for uploading images?

A. Check with the yearbook adviser to find out your school's deadline for uploading photos