A Typical Sixth Grader

Where They Are
The average eleven-year-old is heading towards adolescence. He:
  • Shows more self-assertion and curiosity.
  • Is socially expansive and aware.
  • Is physically exuberant, restless, wiggly, and talks a lot.
  • Has a range and intensity of emotions.
  • Is moody and easily frustrated.
  • Can relate to feelings.
  • Is competitive, wants to excel, and may put down the "out group."
  • Exhibits "off-color" humor and silliness.
  • Teases and tussles.

Where They're Going
At eleven years old, your child is making the transition to adolescence. You can help by encouraging her as she:
  • Copes with changes.
  • Transitions to adolescence.
  • Works on her interpersonal skills.
  • Handles peer groups and pressure.
  • Develops personal interests and abilities.
  • Takes on greater responsibility for her behavior and decisions.

Source: American School Counselor Association

Classroom Guidance Topics:

  • Character Counts...Cliques, Gossip, Labels, and the Internet

  • Stress Management