A Typical Fourth Grader

Where They Are
Nine is a time of rapid learning for kids. Nine-year-olds:
  • Want to put some distance between themselves and adults and may rebel against authority.
  • Need to be part of a group.
  • Seek independence.
  • Possess a high activity level.
  • Can express a wide range of emotions and verbalize easily.
  • Can empathize.
  • Can think independently and critically, but are tied to peer standards.
  • Begin to increase their sense of truthfulness.
  • Are typically not self-confident.

Where They're Going
At nine years old, your child is learning how to make decisions and set standards. You can help by encouraging your child as she:
  • Begins making decisions.
  • Gains a greater sense of responsibility.
  • Sets personal standards.
  • Develops personal interests and abilities.
  • Develops social skills.
  • Learns to engage in group decision-making.

Source: American School Counselor Association

Classroom Guidance Topics:

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  • What’s So Funny?...Teasing and Taunting
  • Differences Among Us